Queen Lydia Bee is a persona for a middle-aged working mom who saw a niche and felt moved to fill it.  Armed with a love of words and a passion for classic rock, Queen Bee set to work, studying the opinions of others including Rolling Stone magazine and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and deciding what albums between1965 and 1990 to explore.  She was inspired by radio shows from the past such as the King Biscuit Flower Hour and the Dr. Demento Show.  The title of the show – Queen Bee’s Hot Wax and Memories – reflects how hot some of these old tunes were when released (“hot wax”)  and how powerful the memories are today.  Many songs from the time were reimaginings of even older hits, particularly the blues, and continue to turn up in popular culture.  Queen Bee appreciates the opportunity to be even a small part of keeping the memories alive and fresh.