The North Central Louisiana Arts Council (NCLAC) is pleased to announce an exhibit of paintings by Amanda Roe.  In this exhibit the artist takes selfies from her social media accounts and re-imagines them into physical self-portraits. For people not familiar with the term “selfie”, it is simply a photo taken of you by yourself.  The photo is then used on social media in places like Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram. Amanda has sought to disconnect from social media and physically recreate her selfies that people have either liked or loved on social media.  She utilizes symbols found on social media such as 🙂 or ;p and many more, to reflect the reactions of her social media viewers. Amanda Roe’s work can be viewed through social media outlets such as Facebook and Instagram under mollydolly666 or her website This exhibit of paintings are on display in the Dixie Center for the Arts Lobby until February 19th.  The Dixie Center for the Arts is located at 212 N. Vienna St. in Ruston, LA. For more information about NCLAC visit